So, me: I was born in Oklahoma, the son of an Oklahoman and the grandson of a woman born in Oklahoma Territory. I am, in short, from and of Oklahoma, for better or worse, and all that. This event occurred a few months before Woodstock, making me too old to be trusted according to the credo thereof, I think. I'm not sure, as I was pretty young at the time. Regardless, between then and now, I grew up in a suburb of Oklahoma City, went to school, went to college, got married, got a degree, moved slightly to the north (but still in Oklahoma), had a couple of jobs, dropped out of grad school, adopted two kids, had some more jobs... the usual, really. I have led a quiet life to the best of my ability.

As it turns out, though, I also managed to do a few things at least arguably outside the norm (and generally fairly nerdy) along the way, and I figured I'd better have a site to share those. This is that site; a lazysite for dumping stuff that I want to have actually findable, or something. I dunno. Making it up as I go. Look over there on the side and there's some navigation thingies.