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When these things first started showing up, I swore that I'd never have anything to do with them, mostly because you had to buy the game, then pay $15/month forever, or at least as long as you wanted to keep playing.

Then City of Heroes came out, and I caved.  My wife and I played for... a fairly long time... then we just kind of wore out and couldn't justify $30/month.

Then friends got me a good invite deal onto Lord of the Rings Online, and my wife joined me there after a while, and we played there together for quite some time.  Then finally got tired and stopped.  And went back to City of Heroes... then got tired and stopped.  (Well, I stopped.  She played it literally until its final day.)

Currently you can find me at (in more or less descending order of likelihood):

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Lord of the Rings Online
Star Trek Online
...that's probably it lately.