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Knighting of Cadell

Logged by Cadell; edited with Logedit on July 3, 1996
Appearing: Desdinova, Cadell

You walk through the double doors of rich golden wood.

Yellow Room
Opulence might be an appropriate word to describe this room. Your footsteps echo as you step off the golden rug and onto the oaken floor. The walls are a pale yellow, complimenting both the carpets and the golden cushions which decorate several oaken chairs. A yellow silken pull cord hangs by the door.
Obvious exits:
Main Hall

Desdinova is looking at maps. They are of Amber, Kashfa, De'alund and some of the Golden Circle shadows.
Desdinova looks up from the maps strewn about the floor.

Cadell waits to be recognized, attentively.

Desdinova squints and rises from his hands and knees.
Desdinova says "Cadell."
Desdinova says "How are you."

Cadell says "Your majesty. I am well, thank you."

Desdinova says "Good."
Desdinova says "Please, have a chair. Romeo, clear one for him."

Romeo takes a stack of smaller maps off of a chair, and adds them to a separate chair.

Desdinova squints and takes his own seat.

Cadell sits, stiffly.

Desdinova says "Are you injured?"

Cadell looks at himself. "Not that I know of, your majesty."

Desdinova nods.
Desdinova says "What can I do for you."

Cadell says "I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Baron Thieran, the other night."

Desdinova nods.

Cadell says "It was an interesting discussion on numerous topics, not the least of which was my future."

Desdinova says "Hnh."

Cadell says "He encourage me along a certain path. I have been considering it for some time, and I have come to a decision; and so I am here, asking for a boon of you again, I fear."

Desdinova waves his hand vaguely. "Please. Speak without reticence."
Desdinova says "The worst I shall do is say no."

Cadell says "I am here to ask you take my oath as a knight."

Desdinova squints.

Desdinova says "In fealty to Amber."

Cadell says "Yes."

Desdinova says "Hnh."
Desdinova says "Why."

Cadell says "I won't insult you by asking 'Why not?' You know well from my tales that I have spent much time in the pursuit of excellence in knighthood; since I was released from the Table I have been directionless. Amber is like the Camelot that should have been, but could not be; you are, to me, as what Arthur might have been were he more than mortal."

Cadell says "I am convinced this is my purpose."

Desdinova nods.
Desdinova says "Fealty is a two way relationship, as you know. It is not merely the measure of a man that makes me decide to accept his oath, but his motivation as well."
Desdinova says "It is why I ask this of all who seek to join us."
Desdinova squints.
Desdinova flicks a gesture at Romeo, then barks out a few words in a rough and angular tongue.

Romeo nods and walks out the door.

Desdinova squints and picks up a map of Arden, placing it neatly on a pile to his left.

Cadell watches, and waits.

After a time, Romeo enters with a blade wrapped in blue silk.

Desdinova nods and holds out his hands to Romeo, who places the blade in them.
Desdinova unwraps the silk, revealing a black scabbard and wire-wrapped hilt.
Desdinova says "Along a long and twisty life, one collects an odd assemblage of skills."
Desdinova says "I have been, at times, a merchant, a doctor, a designer of women's clothing, and a mason."
Desdinova says "Among other things."
Desdinova says "In my studies of the arts of war, I have also been, betimes and again, a blacksmith."
Desdinova says "Prince Caine and Gisben Chantris each own a specimen of my work, as does my wife."
Desdinova says "When I came to Amber, in the early days, I found a beautiful piece of wootz at a lesser known metallurgist's."
Desdinova says "The wave pattern unlike anything I had seen before."
Desdinova says "With it, I forged two blades."
Desdinova says "I wear one."
Desdinova nods to his own scabbard.
Desdinova says "This one, I have kept, against need."
Desdinova says "Her name is Joyeux, and I think she will suit you."
Desdinova says "Kneel, Cadell."
Desdinova stands from his chair, neatly.

Cadell stands from his chair, and promptly kneels.

Desdinova draws Joyeux, the wave patterns on the blade shimmering merrily.
Desdinova says "Cadell, as a scion of the Royal House of Amber, and as a descendant of Oberon, your blood is tied most strongly to the Land herself, and the spirit of the Unicorn runs strong in you."
Desdinova says "Do you pledge your sacred honor, blood and flesh to the service of the Crown and Land of Amber from this day forward, neither stinting in loyalty nor obedience, against all who seek challenge?"

Cadell says "I so pledge, upon my life and honor."

Desdinova says "Do you pledge this to Us, Desdinova the First of Amber, as holder of the Crown and as sovereign of the Land?"

Cadell says "I so pledge to you, Desdinova, King of the Eternal Land and Lord
  of its Shadows."

Desdinova says "We accept your pledge, and in return, We pledge to you Our trust, Our loyalty, and Our sacred honor, to hold that which you have given with honor and care, and to alwats treat you as befits a son of Oberon, and a subject of the Realm."
Desdinova says "Rise, Cadell, and accept and carry this blade, Joyeux, well in defense of Amber and her people. Know always, that her sister, Tristesse, is at the hand of the King, as is his regard for you."
Desdinova proferrs the blade, hilt-first.

Cadell stands gracefully, and accepts Joyeux in his right hand, solemnly.

Desdinova says "The blade's names come from the nature of service. I named Joyeux that one may always remember the rewards of loyalty, and of trust. I named Tristesse that I might never forget the costs of force and the use of power."

Cadell says nothing, but nods.

Desdinova says "Do you still have quarters in Amber City, or shall I have them arranged for you."

Cadell says "Actually, your majesty, I have been taking my rest here and there. I am partial to repose in the woods, but they are, if I may say so, crawling with people all too often."

Desdinova nods.
Desdinova says "Arden is not particularly safe, either."
Desdinova says "There is a grove or two on Kolvir that might suit, and outside the demesnes of Prince Julian and his men."

Cadell says "I would be keen to know of them, your majesty, if it does not seem to odd to you."

Desdinova squints.
Desdinova says "It is odd, but it does not disturb me."
Desdinova says "Come, take my hand."
Desdinova holds out his hand to Cadell.

Cadell puts Joyeux at his belt, and bemusedly takes Desdinova's hand.

Desdinova squints and a runnel of rainbowed sparks falls out of the air, and you stand atop the peak of Kolvir.
Desdinova sniffs, and breathes deeply.
Desdinova looks down at the Castle, City and forests.
Desdinova gestures. "There, is Arden. But these groves, here, here, there. Those are not Julian's demesne."

Cadell looks around, as if memorizing what he is shown.

Desdinova points once, precisely. "That is the Grove of the Unicorn. It is a holy place, and not suitable really for other than meditation."
Desdinova says "It will snow again, come winter, but that is many months away."
Desdinova crouches and looks up into the azure sky.
Desdinova says "This is one of my favorite places in all of Amber."
Desdinova says "Nowhere else is the sense of reality so strong, save on the Pattern herself."

Cadell says "I am used to snow. Do you know of any England in Shadow?"

Desdinova nods. "I know of several."

Cadell says "Ours was probably familiar -- although I cannot help but suppose even the weather was ravaged."
Cadell straightens, if that's possible. "At any rate. Thank you."

Desdinova nods.
Desdinova says "I never visited it."
Desdinova says "You are welcome, Cadell."
Desdinova says "I will leave you here."
Desdinova says "Dawn guard you, and Unicorn bless."
Desdinova smiles and steps into a sudden wash of sparks, fading away before his foot touches down.
Desdinova moves forward and vanishes in a rainbow sparkle.