Audio Projects

In late 2004, I started listening to podcasts, which were exceedingly new at the time, and, well, I got sucked in.  And I still am.
  • I started my first podcast, The Whole Truth, a Bible reading show, at the start of 2005.  It had three years of new readings (2005, 2006, 2008) and three years of reruns and I finally shut down putting up new posts at the start of 2011.
  • My second podcast, Sturgeon's Law, ran irregularly from mid-2005 to early 2009, at which point I was too busy with audio dramas and, frankly, out of ideas.
  • I also hosted -- that is to say, more or less served as both DJ and audio producer -- the PMC Top 10 for a few months.
  • After several false starts at trying to get into amateur voice acting, my first real foray into audio dramas was actually becoming the new "director" -- or audio producer -- of Pendant Productions' show REDACTED starting April of 2008.  I'm still doing it, too.
  • I've since had a few regular voice acting roles -- REDACTED on the aforementioned REDACTED, REDACTED on the sadly cancelled REDACTED, Jeffrey Hawk on REDACTED -- as well as some occasional parts otherwise, all at Pendant.
  • I co-plotted and scripted the Pendant feature REDACTED, which got partly produced then cancelled.
  • After two years and change of pitching, outlining, scripting, conspiring, foreshadowing, surprise revealing, and so forth, my show REDACTED finally happened.  It ran for one season before being cancelled when REDACTED happened.  I had also started to write REDACTED but none of my episodes got aired.
  • I was also Associate Producer over scripts (writing and editing) at Pendant.  Bios are no longer available there, and at any rate I am no longer associated with them.
Oh, here's the PMC Top 10 episodes that I hosted, despite the fact my name's not on their entries (sigh):